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Welcome to my web page, below are the answers to many questions that I have been asked over the years, I hope they help you, please feel free to contact me if you require me to go into more details for you; Michael on  0408 747 367 or bh 9339 3793 or

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When is the best time to have the bride and groom portraits shoot done?

Bride / Groom and bridal party photos are best taken 1 hour before sunset. You can check out the following site for sunset times.


When do you turn up and when do you leave and why are you with us for most of the day?

Coverage is from the bridal preparation to just after the formalities at your Reception. I don’t work by the hour so I’m there till the end of your formalities regardless. There is the option to stay to the very end of evening. This is to cover the garter / bouquet toss as well as the farewell circle or maybe you’re having a sparkler exit.

I provide a full day coverage a your day doesn’t begin at the ceremony, many memorable moments happen before this and many more moments happen at your Reception too. I have found that being there for as long as I am needed allows me to be more creative and create a complete story of your day.


Do you supply high resolution images and am I able to print them?

Yes and Yes. You will be able to print the images at 11”x14” (approx A3 size).


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Are the files retouched/edited?

Yes the images are edited to my timeless style which includes colour correction and skin retouching. (Photos in RAW edited to Jpeg)


My Personal skills to make the day work.

I’m quiet, friendly and considerate. I am discreet. I will direct when I need to and will get everyone into a group shot when I need to. I also have a very dry sense of humour, which always helps.


What is your experience and how long have you been taking photos for?



How many photos will we receive?

There is no limit to the number of images that you will receive, but to give you a general idea it will be between the 300-500 range, depending on the length of the day. If there are two photographers, the amount of images you receive will be around the 600-700 mark.

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What do we do if it rains?

Photos in the rain can actually be quite nice. I am always prepared with various locations as fall back, however, if it’s just light rain and the weather is bearable then I have umbrellas. Trust me, photos in the rain are pretty cool.


Will you give us some information on how to make the most of our wedding photos?

Yes absolutely, I always recommend Pre-wedding photos, it gives us chance to build a working rapport and gets you used to have your photo taken and how I can meet your needs.


What are your packages?


Album Package-Most popular

  • Full day photographic coverage including (no time limits):
  • Bride and groom preps
  • Ceremony
  • Family photos
  • Portraits
  • Reception arrival
  • Speeches
  • Bridal dance & cake cutting
  • A 30 page beautiful fine art album by Apple I Books
  • Unlimited set of all high resolution ready-to-print images on USB drive,
  • Images professionally edited in a classical timeless style,
  • Pre-wedding photos plus communication and consultation
  • Express postage of your album, memory stick or disk



  1. Full day photographic coverage including (no time limits):
  2. Bride and groom preps
  3. Ceremony
  4. Family photos
  5. Portraits
  6. Reception arrival
  7. Speeches
  8. Bridal dance & cake cutting
  9. Unlimited set of all high resolution ready-to-print images on USB drive,
  10. Images professionally edited to my timeless style,



What are your prices?

Two easy and great wedding photography packages that include full day coverage of your wedding day. This starts at when the bride is getting ready to the end of the formalities at your reception so all the important parts of your day are captured. There are no set time limits.



WANT MORE? Contact Michael on  0408 747 367 or bh 9339 3793

You can choose any of the optional extras mentioned below and add them to your package:

  • Photographic coverage until very end of reception (incl. garter / bouquet toss / sparkler exit / farewell circle)
  • Canvas and enlargement prints
  • Thank-you cards